Schluter’s New Live Online Training

Schluter’s New Live Online Training

Schluter has recently introduced a live online training program to help expand your knowledge of Schluter systems and how to best use them.
The program can be found under the “Education” section on their website where you can see available courses and registration information.
Courses you can look forward to are:

Moisture Management in Tiled Showers
This course will help you identify the benefits and challenges associated with tiled showers, help to understand proper design and execution of tiled
shower waterproofing systems, as well as to recognize the benefits of bonded waterproofing technology.

Maximizing Tile Installation with Trim Profiles
Intended to assist in identify tile trim profiles and understand their basic design and function, as well as how to incorporate trim profiles into specific
ceramic tile and dimension stone tile applications.

Barrier-Free Bathrooms – Accessible Design for the Build Environment
This seminar will address the varying standards for barrier-free construction, and specialized waterproofing measures that must be taken when designing
a compliant curb-less shower.

The Uncoupling Principle
A seminar intended to teach you the basics of the uncoupling principle and its relationship to tile and stone, as well as how to recognize, interpret and apply
new details and applications when using uncoupling systems.

Sound Control for Ceramic and Stone Tiled Floors
This seminar will examine the advancement of the two sound control ratings, South Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC), as well as
how to distinguish between an IIC rating and a delta IIC contribution, the characteristics of different sound control materials for underneath tiled floor coverings,
and the components of a floor/ceiling assembly required for effective sound control.