Stracciatella | Miscela – R

Stracciatella | Miscela – R

Stracciatella, in Italian meaning “a little shred”, charmingly describes the technique of Venetian terrazzo which involves mixing small pieces of stone into a cement or concrete base before polishing it to expose the inlays. In a dynamic new approach to this classic technique, the Stracciatella collection offers you the freedom to play with colours without limits – the brightly coloured emerge from the bright tile surface like jewels, making the collection adept that creating and striking ambiences that invite you to break the established rules. Miscela, the Italian word for mixture, is a fitting name for the coordinating collection to Stracciatella. Featuring small and large inlays in uniform color tones, the Miscela collection combines the details of marble and cement to create a dynamic yet sophisticated look in all types of spaces and designs.

Euro Tile Stone Miscela R Grafito
Euro Tile Stone Stracciatella Grafito
Euro Tile Stone Miscela R Nacar
Euro Tile Stone Stracciatella Nacar
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