Ariston White

Ariston White

Ariston, whose name is derived from the Greek word aristos, meaning “the best,” is a white marble native to quarries in Drama, Northern Greece. The elegant light grey veins woven throughout the surface of the stone make it a superb choice for an enduring classic look – however, Ariston’s refined personality also shines in any modern project, and can provide striking contrast to your space when paired with different coloured marbles.

Please Note: As stone is a product of nature, each piece is unique and therefore could be subject to variation in veining, tonality, pattern and more.

Euro Tile Stone Ariston White Subway
Euro Tile Stone Ariston White Puzzle Square
Euro Tile Stone Ariston White
Euro Tile Stone Ariston White Arabesque
Concentric Square
Octagon Mosaic
Puzzle Mosaic
Subway Mosaic
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